ADS2011 Gerber Import Steps Video

New Video is available for customers who wish to import Gerber file generated by any PCB tool into ADS2011 for Electromagnetic simulation or to perform Circuit-EM cosimulation.

If you are interested in receiving the video file, kindly send a Email to with your complete contact details like Email, phone, company name etc and you shall receive a link to download the video file.

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Webcast: Moving to Non-Signaling Manufacturing Test for Wireless Devices

Title: Moving to Non-Signaling Manufacturing Test for Wireless Devices

Date: February 23, 2012
Time: 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET/ 6 PM UTC
Presented by: Agilent Technologies
Presenter: Jim McCord, Product Manager, Agilent Technologies

Webcast Description:

As wireless devices rapidly evolve, more wireless bands and formats are being implemented on chipsets used in smart phones, tablets, and other wireless communication devices. Manufacturers are looking for cost-effective ways to test these complex devices while moving them quickly into volume manufacturing. Non-signaling test is widely accepted as the fastest, most cost-effective technique for testing current and next-generation wireless devices in manufacturing.

This presentation discusses the requirements to effectively implement non-signaling test including:

  • What is non-signaling test?
  • Chipset test capabilities, now and future
  • Required test equipment capabilities
  • Tools and techniques to maximize throughput with minimum effort

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Webcast: IEEE 802.11ad PHY Layer Testing

IEEE 802.11ad PHY Layer Testing

Webcast Description:

We start with a brief tutorial introduction to the IEEE 802.11ad PHY layer, and then we review a variety of modulation analysis measurements, considering what each can tell us about the device under test.

Who should attend:

  • Anyone currently developing or considering an implementation of the IEEE 802.11ad or WiGig 1.1 PHY
  • Anyone seeking to debug or verify an IEEE 802.11ad or WiGig 1.1 PHY implementation
  • Anyone wishing to exercise RF components or subsystems that are designed to process IEEE 802.11ad or WiGig 1.1 PHY compliant signals

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Genesys 2012.01 is now available

Agilent Technologies announced shipment of latest Genesys 2012.01 release, here are some of the release highlights:

· Improved reliability and robustness against crashes and hangs, with configurable auto-save of design workspaces to prevent lost work.

· New RF system architecture capabilities with new sweep plot to easily identify spurious across the full frequency band in swept analysis of multistage conversion systems

· Enhanced Momentum GXF planar electromagnetic simulator with quadrangle mesher and layout processor to efficiently mesh any arbitrary layout into the smallest problem for fast, accurate, high-capacity solution.

· One click link to Agilent EMPro for immediate full 3D-electromagnetic simulation without the hassle of recreating geometries and reassigning ports and materials

· Enhanced, interactive 3D viewer with animated contour plots of Momentum GXF electromagnetic solutions

· Passivity enforcement of S-parameters in all passive components to enhance convergence in EM, linear, harmonic-balance and transient circuit simulations

· Statistical simulation improvement with new Monte Carlo output to spreadsheet for additional data analysis and manipulation.

· Easier Licensing with new license installation wizard and integrated Testlink licensing

· New USB Security dongle support for 64 bit OS and dongle stacking to enable the optimal use of computing resources for efficient and economical deployment of Genesys

· 30 new tutorial videos enables you to learn and start using all the features of Genesys without the need to read thick manuals

· Easier Help system with better search capabilities

Genesys 2012.01 Downloads and Trials