Broadband Impedance Matching Network Designs

Broadband Impedance Matching Networks are always difficult and time consuming to design.

This webcast discusses how to deal with matching frequency-dependent complex source or load impedances to unstable, non-unilateral devices as well as designing non-50 ohm inter-stage matching between devices.

Unlike traditional discussion on impedance matching using smith charts and complex math, you’ll learn practical methods of quickly synthesizing and realizing lumped or distributed matching networks for difficult broadband applications.

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RF Impedance Matching using SMT Devices

Here is a wonderful tutorial video on how to perform RF Impedance matching by optimally selecting SMT devices (or in other words what we call as discrete components based matching network design). Performing matching network design is not that difficult once you know the fundamentals, however to design good impedance matching network by selecting the realistic/standard components values which are available in market or available in individual’s inventory is always the most challenging job during the design process.

This video outlines a very neat way of performing discrete component based matching network design we can restrict software to use values which are available in our inventory or readily available in the market. Thanks to Hee Soo Lee (Keysight Technologies) to create such a wonderful & insightful video to solve one of the big pain of RF designers..

To download the project files referred to in this video, visit:

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Practical Impedance Matching Network Design

This short tutorial video explains the key steps to followed for a distributed matching network design taking Zin & Zout information from a Cree (Wolfspeed) GaN transistor datasheet.

We start the matching network design using ideal transmission lines in Interactive Smith Chart tool in ADS which then is converted to the equivalent microstrip line based network. We then optimize the matching network components to nullify the effects cause practical microstrip lines and junctions. Finally layout is generated and EM simulation is performed for more accuracy.

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