Workshop on High Speed Signal Integrity

I would be conducting a day-long, hands-on workshop on High Speed Signal Integrity design at Keysight Technologies, Bangalore office. First session is scheduled on 17th August 2017.

This workshop is complimentary but requires prior registration to receive a formal invite.

Workshop Agenda:

Pre Layout SI

  • Designing VIAs for optimum High Speed performance
  • Controlled Impedance Line Design
  • Channel Simulation Basics
  • High Speed Serial Link Simulation
  • Batch Simulation
  • IBIS-AMI Simulation
  • Eye Optimization

Post Layout SI

  • BRD/ODB++ Layout Import in ADS
  • Post Layout SI Simulation with SIPro
  • Channel Simulation with Post Layout Data

If you are interested to attend the same, you can drop a mail with your complete contact details at “” or leave your details in the comment box….

Happy Designing…!!!

P.S. If we are not able to accommodate you for the 1st session due to capacity limit or you are not able to make it due to other engagements then we will surely accommodate you in one the future  sessions which are likely to happen shortly.

Thermal Effects, Power Integrity and Your PCB

Keysight Technologies has scheduled a free 1-hour webcast on Thermal Analysis of the PCB and its impact on Power Integrity performance.


Did you know that in addition to validating the electrical performance of the power integrity on your PCB, it is also crucial to perform a thermal validation as well? This webcast introduces the thermal aspects of power integrity in your PCB designs and why it is critical to consider them. To better understand a design’s power integrity from the thermal viewpoint, it provides a theoretical background for heat transfer and overview of the thermal analysis technologies. Finally, the webcast demonstrates the importance of performing thermal analysis on PCB designs by showing a practical PCB design example.

Date: 27th July 2017

Time: 01.00pm Eastern Daylight Time (10.30pm India Time)

Register Now

Rogers introduces Kappa™ 438 Laminates as FR-4 alternative

Kappa™ 438 Laminates

Kappa 438 thermoset laminates were developed for wireless circuit designers looking for a better performing and more reliable alternative to FR-4 laminates. These laminates were designed using a glass reinforced hydrocarbon ceramic system that offers superior high frequency performance and low cost circuit fabrication resulting in a low loss material which can be fabricated using standard epoxy/glass (FR-4) processes.

Kappa 438 laminates have the UL 94 V-0 flame retardant rating and are lead free solder process compatible, and offer dielectric constants tailored to FR-4 industry standard norms which facilities ease of converting existing FR-4 designs where better electrical performance is needed.

More details here:

Surely looks promising……Happy Designing….!!!!

Paper Invite: EEsof India Design Forum 2017


Hello All,

On behalf of Keysight Technologies, I would like to invite you to present a technical paper in our upcoming Keysight India EEsof Design Forum 2017.

The dates and locations for the event are as follows.

Bangalore: Tuesday, 11th July 2017 @ Hotel Vivanta by Taj, MG Road, Bengaluru

Hyderabad: Thursday, 13th July 2017 @ Hotel Taj Deccan, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Ahmedabad: Saturday, 15th July 2017 @ Hotel Novotel, Ahmedabad

The Keysight India EEsof Design Forum is an annual event where users come together to share their ideas and success, discuss problems and interact with application consultants from Keysight Technologies. Through such Design Forums, it is our sincere hope that together with elite design-engineers like you, we can help build a strong high-frequency design community in India.

I sincerely hope that you can participate in our Keysight India EEsof Design Forum 2017 and contribute through your presentation.

Download PDF copy of the paper invite from here: EEsof DesignForum_2017_PaperInvite

Look forward for your participation.

Webinar Recording Available: Solve your SI & PI challenges using Keysight EEsof EDA Tools

Video recording of my webinar on “Solving your SI & PI challenges” scheduled on 6th April 2017 is now available at my YouTube channel now. Look forward for your comments & suggestions……

You can view the recording here:

For more information: