Broadband Impedance Matching Network Designs

Broadband Impedance Matching Networks are always difficult and time consuming to design.

This webcast discusses how to deal with matching frequency-dependent complex source or load impedances to unstable, non-unilateral devices as well as designing non-50 ohm inter-stage matching between devices.

Unlike traditional discussion on impedance matching using smith charts and complex math, you’ll learn practical methods of quickly synthesizing and realizing lumped or distributed matching networks for difficult broadband applications.

Happy Designing…..!!


Webinar: Tolerance Analysis for Planar Microwave Circuits

Webinar: Tolerance Analysis for Planar Microwave Circuits on December 3 at 7 a.m. or 10 a.m. PT (India time: 8.30pm or 11.30pm)

Planar filters and antennas offer the tightest integration and lowest total cost in the majority of integrated RF/Microwave systems. However, tolerance variations in materials, processing, enclosure and environment are often not properly analyzed leading to circuit or system designs that either do not consistently meet specs or are unnecessarily over-spec’d and costly. This is because the task of performing exhaustive tolerance analysis can be intimidating and you may not know where to begin. This presentation provides a framework for automating this process and is illustrated with a 29GHz microstrip filter. The resulting downloadable template provides a robust starting point for you to test your designs against suspected sources of variation and determine which ones have the strongest influence. This methodology makes "build vs. buy" and material/process selection more deterministic and efficient.

Who Should Attend:

RF/Microwave circuit and system board level engineers, planar antenna designers, RF/Microwave system engineers, engineering managers

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