Invitation for EEsof India UGM Seminar 2011

Agilent Technologies India invites all of interested people to attend complimentary EEsof User Group Meeting seminar at following stops:

8th November: Hotel Taj Vivanta, M.G. Road, Bangalore

10th November: Hotel Taj Deccan, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

11th November: Hotel The Pride, Judges Bungalow Road, Ahmedabad

For registration send in your contact details and choice of seminar location to

See you there…!!!



Webcast: Using Simulated and Measured Load Pull for Optimal Performance in RF Power Amplifier Design

Why this Webcast is important:
RF Power Amplifier Design is possibly the most challenging RF design task. In Part 1 of this multi-part RF Power Amplifier Design Webcast Series, we begin with a key technique for attaining optimal PA performance, Load Pull Analysis. Determining optimal loads is the first step in maximizing your RF power amplifier design’s performance. This webcast will introduce you to many techniques which could save you weeks of time, identify bad designs early and turn a good design into a great one.

Topics covered include:
• Choosing the best bias point for optimal performance
• Determining the best load and source impedances
• Fundamental as well as harmonic load pull analysis
• Examine sensitivity of your completed design to external source and load variations
• Designing for best performance at X-dB gain compression or a specific power delivered
• Power-added efficiency (PAE), distortion and delivered power tradeoffs
• Determining optimal loads across a band of frequencies

Andy Howard, Senior Applications Engineer, and creator of the ADS Power Amplifier and Load Pull DesignGuides will cover these and more in this 60 minute webcast. Attendees will be provided with a detailed application note and the latest pre-release version of the Load Pull DesignGuide used in this webcast

Click this link to register: