Workshop on RF System Design & Simulation using GaN Technology

2-Day Workshop on RF System Design & Simulation using GaN Technology

Date: Mar 12 Thursday & Mar 13 Friday, 2014, 9:00am to 5:00pm

Location: Bangalore, India

Venue: To be announced

Course Description

This 2-Day workshop addresses the following key areas: Overview of RF System design, RF system simulation using ADS, GaN HEMT based PA simulation using non-linear models in ADS, PA circuit design in CW / Pulse mode, Doherty PA Configuration using GaN devices

Who should attend?

This course is well suited for RF system design / RF Test Engineers in the Industry, interested in RF System design and simulation using ADS

By taking this course, you will better understand

· RF System design Overview

· RF system design and simulation using ADS

· RF PA design using GaN HEMT Technology

Learning Objectives

· RF System design – Basics, Simulation using ADS – Advanced Techniques

· Using Non-Linear Models to design the PA Circuit

· Design Constraints for different Modulation Schemes like QPSK, QAM, OFDM

· Design of RF Power Amplifier using GaN HEMT in Pulsed / CW mode

· Design of RF Power Amplifier using GaN HEMT in Doherty configuration



SystemVue Primer Book Available for Download

170-page primer introduces the basics of Keysight SystemVue simulators and how to use them to effectively empower RF and digital system design.

Topics include:

1.SystemVue Integrated Simulators
2.RF System Design Basics
3.Designing RF Systems Using SystemVue
4.Introduction to Digital Communications
5.Transmitter Design
6.Receiver Design
7.System Level Modeling
8.OFDM Transmitter
9.Spread Spectrum CDMA Tutorial

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