ADS2011 Gerber Import Steps Video

New Video is available for customers who wish to import Gerber file generated by any PCB tool into ADS2011 for Electromagnetic simulation or to perform Circuit-EM cosimulation.

If you are interested in receiving the video file, kindly send a Email to with your complete contact details like Email, phone, company name etc and you shall receive a link to download the video file.

Happy Simulations…..


9 thoughts on “ADS2011 Gerber Import Steps Video

  1. Hi Anurag,
    Please do send me the link for gerber simulation and also if you have example video which shows ddr3 – layout + circuit co-simulation example that would be of great help.


  2. Sir
    Please send me the link of video tutorial explaining how to import Gerber file generated by any PCB tool into ADS for Electromagnetic simulation momentum simulation. 

    Please do it asap.

    Thank you


  3. Thanks for the response Sir.I imported them to workspace and then assigned ports,substrate,freq …but Simulation is taking a lot of time to compute at 1 frequency.How can I make it faster?Kindly provide your contact information.

    My contact details are as follows:

    Pavan Alamuru
    Indian Institute of Space Science and Tech

    Thank You


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