Webcast: Antenna Design Automation with Scripting and Parameterized EM Analysis

Antenna Design Automation with Scripting and Parameterized EM Analysis

Date: February 7, 2013
Time: 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET/ 6 PM UTC
Presented by: Agilent Technologies
Presenter: Dr. Raghu K. Settaluri, VP Engineering, Antennas for Communications (AFC)

Full-wave 3D EM software is an indispensable tool for designing RF antenna structures. However, complex array-based antennas can be cumbersome to set up and analyze in traditional EM software tools. Agilent EMPro has integrated Python based scripting that provides the user the ability to automate geometry creation, simulation and data analysis. This, combined with parameterization of key design variables can greatly accelerate the development process.

This webcast will illustrate the advantages of scripting and parameterization by considering the example of an MxN element Microstrip Phased Array patch antenna. A 3D model of the entire array with feed ports will be generated using scripting. Electronic beam steering of the antenna will be demonstrated by simply parameterizing the look angle without having to manually redefine the excitations at every antenna element. The array antenna model will also include excitations at any given frequency within the band at sum, azimuth-difference or elevation-difference modes, with or without the amplitude tapering, utilizing scripting and parameterization.

Who should attend:
Antenna designers will learn how scripting and parameterization in 3D EM simulators can accelerate the design process.

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