EEsof India User Group Meeting 2012 Announced

Agilent EEsof EDA announces its biggest annual event i.e. EEsof India User Group Meeting to be held in 3 Indian cities during the week of 3rd December.

On behalf of Agilent Technologies, I would like to invite you to present a technical paper in our upcoming EEsof India User Group Meeting (UGM). The tentative dates and locations for the event are as follows:

December 3, 2012 Bangalore

December 5, 2012 Hyderabad

December 7, 2012 Chennai

The EEsof UGM is an annual forum where users come together to share their ideas and success, discuss problems and interact with application consultants from Agilent Technologies.

Through such User Group Meetings, it is our sincere hope that together with elite RF/MW design-engineers like you, we can help build a strong high-frequency design community in India.

I hereby invite all interested customers to share their presentation ideas as per attached paper invite letter as soon as possible.

Happy Designing….!!!

EEsof UGM 2012 Paper Invite.pdf


One thought on “EEsof India User Group Meeting 2012 Announced

  1. Dear ADS Anurag, Great to see EEsof India User Group Meeting 2012, albeit I love to send my contributions, restricted my self as all are in developing stage and needs some more fine tuning Will definitely come back for next meeting. In this respect as the brochure says about Wilkinson Power Divider using ADS… chance if you have more info about this, pl share with me….will be grateful to you. Also I see 2012 ADS!!!…..when can I download it??? Love to work with it!!   Hope to see you in Chennai on Dec 7   Sincerely R


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