Performing Phase Noise Simulation in ADS2011

1. You can use list() to define phase noise in an source, either P_1Tone or Osc source in System or circuit which you may be using.

2. Phase Noise syntax can be simply defined using list() function such as: list(offset1, phase noise1, offset2, phase noise2,……..)

3. Place a Noise Controller on Schematic from Simulation-HB library which shall control the Noise flow in your system.

Noise Controller setup:

a. Define Phase Noise offsets as you are injecting through some source in your design. Typically we use Log sweep in the controller.

b. Select proper node name where you want to measure the phase noise e.g. vout, keep Negative Node Empty if you are using Single Ended system. Define proper Negative Node if you are doing Differential circuit/systems

c. In Phase Noise tab, select Phase Noise Type as Phase Noise Spectrum and specify the frequency around which you wish to calculate Phase Noise e.g. 70 MHz which is our IF frequency in the workspace here.

HB Controller Setup:

a. Define Frequencies as been used in System/Circuit under simulation

b. From Noise Tab and switch on Noise Calculation and select appropriate Noise Controller name from the drop down list and click on Add button

d. Run simulation and you can plot “pnmx” which is the phase noise data…keep X-axis as Log if you are using Log sweep in Noise Controller.

Kindly send a mail to if you need archived workspace.


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